Please check in with Climbing Wall Staff¬ before climbing; NO exceptions

  • Youth 18 and under must have a parent/legal guardian read and complete a liability waiver prior to ANY climbing
  • Youth 15 and under must have a parent/legal guardian present to be allowed in the climbing area unless registered for a youth program
  • Children 3 and under may NOT use the Auto Belay
  • Only Auto-Belay is available during regular climbing hours; otherwise climber must have partner with B4U climb certification, or purchase of “Hire-A- Belayer”
  • Staff reserve the right to limit/restrict the number of persons in the climbing zone
  • Appropriate shoes and clothing must be worn; Outside shoes and bare feet are not permitted
  • Shirts must be worn at all times
  • Individuals not following guidelines may lose Climbing Wall privileges
  • Parents/guardians are responsible to enforce appropriate behaviour and ensure their children’s safety
  • No food or drink, with the exception of water bottles, is allowed in the climbing zone
  • Patrons who are suspected to be under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs will be prohibited from entering the climbing zone
  • All equipment must be returned to proper storage following use
  • Please turn in any found items at the Welcome Desk


Every climber is required to complete a wavier for each day that they visit the Kohltech Climbing Wall.  (RECC members will only be required to complete the wavier once.) Youth 18 and under must have a parent/legal guardian read and complete a liability waiver prior to any climbing. Youth 16 and older may climb unsupervised, provided they adhere to the Kohltech code of conduct. Youth 15 and under must have a parent/legal guardian present to be allowed in the climbing area, unless registered for a youth program. Click HERE for a DOWNLOADABLE VERSION you can print at home.

How to Get Started

Trying the Climbing Wall for your first time is a breeze, even if you've never climbed before! During regular opening hours we have 2 TRUEBLUE auto belays that are available for all climbers aged 4 and up. A quick 5 minute tutorial will get you familiar with the equipment and the operation of the auto belays. Then you can start climbing! Climbers take turns on the auto belays, but with each climb lasting only minutes, the turnover is fast and many climbers can efficiently share the space. As a next step, we encourage all regular attendees to acquire their “Learn to Belay” course in order to gain access to the entire wall, in addition to the routes accessible to auto belays.

Community Climbing

Climbers who have not yet acquired belay certification or who wish to climb alone may take advantage of Community Climbing sessions, where staff operate the ropes (belay) for the public. Those wanting a personal belayer outside of Community Climbing hours may ‘Hire a Belayer’, paid by hourly rate and booked in advance. One week’s notice is usually required. Visit our climbing wall schedule to see upcoming community climbing times. Other sessions may occur seasonally. Contact the Climbing Wall Manager for details.

Learn to Belay Course

Belay certification at the Kohltech Climbing Wall empowers climbers to climb during open hours without needing a staff member to belay. Climbers can take turns belaying for each other once certified, or belay for others who have not yet acquired belay certification.

“Learn to Belay” is a free course for annual members, or a $21 fee non-members including drop-ins (10% off with a NON-ANNUAL Memberships)

Book a time with our climbing wall supervisor Christine Cutler by emailing ccutler@ratheastlinkcc.ca or calling 902 893 2224 to set you up with a CWA Certified instructor.

This certification is open to climbers age 16 and up, however, climbers wishing to do so will be closely monitored by staff during their visit. 

Children/Youth Programs

Our WallNuts program is offered in 6 week instructional sessions throughout the year for children and youth ages 6-14. These classes are offered in age groups with a focus on individual progression to encourage youth to progress to their maximum potential. For more information and for upcoming sessions visit our programming page.

Personal Training

If you have more specific training goals in mind, please contact us.  We are confident our experienced staff can develop a custom training session just for you!

Harness & Shoes

We have climbing shoes and harnesses to fit various ages and sizes. You can bring your own or rent ours for a $5 fee which covers a shoe and/or harness combination.  If you are a RECC member with any term, harness and shoe rentals are included with your membership.

Who can climb at the Kohltech?

Any age can climb the wall, THOUGH CERTAIN AGES CAN ONLY CLIMB AT CERTAIN TIMES (see conditions of use) We have harnesses and shoes to fit as young as 2-3 years of age.
It is recommended that everyone using the climbing wall age 16 and older take the Learn to Belay (operate the ropes) climbing course. You do not need a course to "climb" the wall, but you do need a course to "belay" for the person climbing the wall.

Will there be staff on hand to Belay for me?

During regular hours staff are not available to belay for clients unless pre-booked.  There is the option to Hire a Belayer for 1 hour at an additional cost of $20 plus tax, however, this requires a minimum of 48 hours advance notice. We recommend this option for 4 or fewer climbers per Hire. Once you have the belay training (Learn to Belay course) you can bring your family in whenever we are open for public climbing!

Do you offer Lead Climbing?

Yes, but due to the increased risk of this form of climbing, it is not guaranteed at all times. Only climbers certified by our staff to Lead climb at the Kohltech may participate.  Certification is obtained through successfully completing our Take the Lead course.  Experienced Lead Climbers wishing to challenge the Lead Belay exam should contact the Climbing Wall Manager Christine (ccutler@ratheastlinkcc.ca) to schedule it with a certified staff evaluator. Please Note: Helmets are mandatory when Lead Climbing

Please see our leadership programs & schedule for upcoming Take the Lead courses & Lead Climbing Times.

Is there a separate fee to use just the climbing wall during my visit?

No. If you are a member of the RECC, usage is free; but you can also drop-in to climb the wall under a day pass. Day pass users are subject to harness and shoe rental costs.

Can I drop my children off to climb while I go somewhere else?

No. An adult must be present for all children under the age of 16 at all times. If a parent isn't on hand to supervise, children will not be able to climb. *Exception: This does not apply to registered programs such as Kids Night Out and Wallnuts, where parents are free to leave for the duration of the program.

How high is the wall?

Our wall is approximately 35 feet or 12m high at the highest.  We are one of the tallest artificial climbing structure in the Maritimes.

Do I have to climb to the top?

No!  You choose when you want to come down, at any time during the climb!  Our staff will always encourage you to greater heights, however, feel free to stop at 1m or 12m. Your choice!

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