Rath Eastlink Community Centre Team Appointed to Attract and Manage Events at the Bible Hill Exhibition Grounds

(Bible Hill, Nova Scotia - June 22nd, 2023) - The Central Nova Scotia Civic Centre Society Ltd, operating as the Rath Eastlink Community Centre, is pleased to announce its new role as the exclusive management company appointed to enhance live entertainment initiatives at the historic Bible Hill Exhibition Grounds. This partnership marks an exciting chapter for both organizations and promises a bright future for the Central Nova Scotia region.

The Bible Hill Exhibition Grounds have long been a cherished landmark in the region, providing a venue for agricultural fairs, community events, and cultural celebrations for over a century. The decision to entrust the management of this iconic facility to the Rath Eastlink Community Centre team reflects a shared vision for tourism growth, community development, and agricultural showcasing.

With a proven track record and positive reputation as a leader in event and sports attraction, as well as recreational and community services, the Rath Eastlink Community Centre brings a wealth of expertise and resources to the table. This collaboration will undoubtedly enhance the experience for exhibitors, visitors, and the community at large.

Under the management of the Rath Eastlink Community Centre, the Bible Hill Exhibition Grounds will undergo a comprehensive series of improvements. These initiatives aim to modernize and enhance the facilities. A significant component of this endeavor involves a rebranding initiative to revitalize the grounds, along with ongoing infrastructure upgrades. These enhancements will create a more welcoming and accessible space for all, ensuring that the Bible Hill Exhibition Grounds remain at the heart of community life.

Furthermore, the partnership will promote a broader range of events and activities at the Bible Hill Exhibition Grounds. The Rath Eastlink Community Centre brings a diverse portfolio of successful programs, sporting events, and cultural initiatives, which will now be integrated into the broad range of offerings available at the grounds. From trade shows and concerts to equestrian sports and festivals, the community can look forward to an expanded calendar of events that caters to all ages and interests.

“Our team is thrilled to announce our partnership in providing exceptional event management services for the Bible Hill Exhibition Grounds. This collaboration allows us to showcase our expertise in attracting and organizing memorable event experiences and further solidifies our commitment to fostering community growth and engagement. Now equipped with two new state-of-the-art facilities, our team promises to elevate event tourism by attracting a multitude of new major events to both properties that will surely leave a lasting legacy within our community and Province.”

  • Matt Moore, General Manager RECC
“We eagerly anticipate the opportunity to bring a variety of new dynamic major events to the region, and we are honored to lead the exciting growth plan for both the RECC & NSPEC. With these two properties combined, the sky is the limit, and we envision this partnership to be the driving force behind sustainable year-round tourism. Major events bring the community together while also creating sustainable business growth for the local hospitality sector during the off-peak tourism shoulder seasons. Our team is dedicated to fostering community engagement and enhancing the overall experience for visitors. Together with Bible Hill, the Town of Truro, and Colchester County communities, we will create a vibrant and inclusive space that celebrates the rich heritage and diversity of this region.”

  • Kevin Bushey, Director of Events & Hospitality RECC
"Our department was excited to join with the N.S. Farm Loan Board to welcome Rath Eastlink Community Centre (RECC) as the new events manager at the Bible Hill Exhibition Grounds, ensuring a bright future for this Nova Scotia agricultural landmark"

  • The Honourable Greg Morrow, Minister of Agriculture, Nova Scotia
The partnership between the Rath Eastlink Community Centre and the Bible Hill Exhibition Grounds underscores a commitment to the community's growth and prosperity. This collaboration will create new opportunities for local businesses, attract tourism, and cultivate a sense of pride among residents.

 About the Bible Hill Exhibition Grounds

The roots of a Provincial Exhibition in Truro/Colchester date back more than 145 years, and with each passing decade, the Bible Hill Exhibition Grounds Site has expanded its range of activities to include harness racing, an annual exhibition, music concerts, and other non-agricultural, revenue-generating events. Prior to COVID-19, the annual Provincial Exhibition typically attracted between 25,000 and 30,000 visitors to the Grounds.

The Bible Hill Exhibition Grounds present significant opportunities for creating new and innovative alliances and partnerships and for developing the Site as a premiere event destination. Two capital projects initiated by the provincial government in 2020, a grandstand renovation of $7.2 million, and an exhibition grounds investment of $3 million, are now near completion.

In February 2022, the Farm Loan Board invited proponents to submit operating proposals that acknowledge the Bible Hill Exhibition Grounds' historic agricultural and harness racing legacy while activating the Site's demographic and locational advantages to create a new and sustainable vision for the Bible Hill Exhibition Grounds. This vision will ideally be guided by a desire to use and leverage the Site as a premiere location for agricultural and related events while working in collaboration with other Nova Scotia exhibitions to showcase, celebrate, and build on their key activities.

About the Rath Eastlink Community Centre:

The Eastlink Community Centre is a leading provider of recreational and community services in Truro/Colchester County, Nova Scotia. With a focus on fostering healthy and active lifestyles, the center offers a wide range of programs, events, and sporting activities for individuals of all ages. Their commitment to excellence and community development has earned them a reputation as a trusted partner in enhancing the quality of life for residents in the region.

Media Contact: 
Mike Smith, Director of Communications - Rath Eastlink Community Centre
Email: msmith@therecc.ca

Event Inquiries contact: 
Kevin Bushey, Director of Events & Hospitality - Rath Eastlink Community Centre
Email kbushey@therecc.ca
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