Facility FAQ:

Currently the Aquatics Centre, Walking Track, Group Fitness, Fitness Centre, and Ice Surface have all been reopened.
The Climbing wall is reopening in October 2021.
Child Minding and Nourish are currently closed.

PROOF OF VACCINATION AND ID IS REQUIRED TO ENTER THE BUILDING: https://novascotia.ca/coronavirus/proof-of-full-vaccination-policy/

Q: Which entrance is to be used?
A: We ask that all users enter the building using our lower entrance.  All other entrances are closed.

Stanfields walking track:
-Masks are required for all those using the walking track. As a public facility our goal is to keep our members and users safe. We feel it is in the best interests of the majority of our users, and in the best interest of public safety, to ensure that masks are worn.
-The walking track will be available during facility hours with the exception of when ticketed events are occurring at which time the walking track will be closed to the public.
-Additional rules/guidelines will be posted at the facility.

Community Credit Union Arena:
-All those with ice rentals will be provided RECC COVID Operational Policies to follow as part of the rental agreement.
-A dressing room will be available, however the showers will not be accessible.
-For all ice programming/rentals, masks must be worn in the dressing room up until leaving the room and entering the ice service
Please consult the Ice schedule for adult/senior/child skating times in the Community Credit Union Arena:

If you are interested in renting the ice for a private event/party, please email hfraser@ratheastlinkcc.ca

Q: What is the group fitness schedule? What classes will be offered?
A: Our group fitness schedule is located here: https://ratheastlinkcommunitycentre.ca/schedules/fitness-group-ex
Please show up 15 minutes before class to check in. Please note we can not allow people into the group fitness area earlier than 15 minutes before class

Q: When does my membership resume?
A: All recurring memberships are to be resumed as of June 16th, 2021. We will ensure that all prepaid memberships are extended for the length of our closure, and that all those with recurring payments will have skipped payments equal to the length of our closure.
If you have any questions about membership drop in and speak to any of our Member Experience Specialists, or email social@therecc.ca

Q: Can I use my day pass/punch pass?
A: Yes, we have resumed all day/punch pass use

Q: What is the facility layout like? Where are the classes being held?
A: Here is a video that outlines the experience at the RECC https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zu9yw5tobek&t

Non-medical masks will be mandatory in indoor public places starting on July 31st.

Q: Will the RECC have a mandatory mask policy in place?
A: Yes, in accordance with the Public Health Guidelines the RECC will require masks to be worn at all times within the facility. The only times masks can be removed are:
-when you are inside of the fitness centre and actively working out ( Masks must be worn between stations )
-during group fitness classes ( Masks must be worn until the class starts and you are safely distanced from other participants )
-skating/swimming ( Masks must be worn until you are leaving the dressing rooms/change rooms )

Q: How will this be enforced?
A: We are taking a cooperative and positive approach to mandatory masking rather than an enforcement one. We have confidence that the vast majority of our Members will wear a mask whenever possible. People should also be aware that businesses have the right to refuse them entry or to serve them if they do not follow the rules. Allowances will be made for people unable to wear a mask for a valid reason. Please ensure you are following the rules as posted throughout the facility in regards to masks, distancing, as well as following directional signage.

Q: Can you take your mask off to have a photo taken?
A: Yes, a business requiring photos to be taken will instruct you when it is safe and appropriate to remove your mask in order to obtain a photo for identification purposes. Physical distancing must be maintained while the photo is being taken.

Q: Who does a member complain to if they feel that other members are not following the rules?
A: Members should advise RECC staff if they feel that someone should be wearing a mask that is not. Keeping in mind there are medical conditions that hinder some people's ability to wear masks. If you are uncomfortable with advising anyone in person feel free to send us an email to social@ratheastlnkcc.ca and we can investigate.

Q: What happens if someone refuses to put on a mask or takes it off once they go inside? Can they be refused service or kicked out?
A: Businesses, workplaces and other public places can develop their own policies and procedures. They can choose to refuse entry or service to anyone not following their rules.


Every climber is required to complete a wavier for each day that they visit the Kohltech Climbing Wall.  (RECC members will only be required to complete the wavier once.) Youth 18 and under must have a parent/legal guardian read and complete a liability waiver prior to any climbing. Youth 16 and older may climb unsupervised, provided they adhere to the Kohltech code of conduct. Youth 15 and under must have a parent/legal guardian present to be allowed in the climbing area, unless registered for a youth program. Both hard copy and digital waivers are kept on hand at RECC Wall and Welcome Desk. Click HERE for a DOWNLOADABLE VERSION you can print at home.

How to Get Started

Trying the Climbing Wall for your first time is a breeze, even if you've never climbed before! During regular opening hours we have 2 TRUEBLUE auto belays that are available for all climbers aged 4 and up. A quick 5 minute tutorial will get you familiar with the equipment and the operation of the auto belays. Then you can start climbing! Climbers take turns on the auto belays, but with each climb lasting only minutes, the turnover is fast and many climbers can efficiently share the space. As a next step, we encourage all regular attendees to acquire their “Learn to Belay” course in order to gain access to the entire wall, in addition to the routes accessible to auto belays.

Community Climbing

Climbers who have not yet acquired belay certification or who wish to climb alone may take advantage of Community Climbing sessions, where staff operate the ropes (belay) for the public. Those wanting a personal belayer outside of Community Climbing hours may ‘Hire a Belayer’, paid by hourly rate and booked in advance. One week’s notice is usually required. Visit our climbing wall schedule to see upcoming community climbing times. Other sessions may occur seasonally. Contact the Climbing Wall Manager for details.

Learn to Belay Course

Belay certification at the Kohltech Climbing Wall empowers climbers to climb during open hours without needing a staff member to belay. Climbers can take turns belaying for each other once certified, or belay for others who have not yet acquired belay certification. “Learn to Belay” is a free course for members, or a $21 fee for drop in visitors. This certification is open to climbers age 16 and up, however, climbers under the age of 19 will require an adult guardian to take the course with them. Belaying is a significant responsibility, and climbers wishing to do so will be closely monitored by staff during their visit. Staff reserves the right to revoke an individual’s privilege of belaying, at any time, if it is deemed the belayer's technique or behaviour is inappropriate.

Check out the Climbing Wall Schedule for upcoming “Learn to Belay” courses. If you are unable to make one of the scheduled courses, contact the Climbing Wall Manager. We may be able to schedule a time that works for you! Final certification depends on completing a re-test during your next visit to the wall. If you have belayed before, you can request to schedule a belay test.  This must be completed with the Petzl Grigri belay device (provided for you.) Failure to complete the test to our satisfaction will result in not being able to belay at our facility until retaking the “Learn to Belay” course. The cost to challenge the Belay test is $15 plus tax.

Lead Climbing

Lead climbing is an advanced skill set employed by experienced climbers. Instead of using an auto belay or a toprope to ascend the wall, a pair of climbers will bring their own rope up the wall with them one at a time, using special devices to safeguard their ascent. Leading involves a lot more risk than the standard types of climbing at a rock wall, so participants must complete the “Take the Lead” course or successfully challenge the “Lead Belay” exam before being able to participate. Please see our leadership programs for upcoming Take the Lead courses. Climbers wishing to challenge the Lead Belay exam must contact us to schedule an exam, and should submit the request within a reasonable time frame. Lead climbing is not always available at the Kohltech. Staff reserves the right to temporarily suspend Lead climbing as an option at any time.

Children/Youth Programs

The Kohltech climbing wall offers classes for children and youth on a seasonal basis (ages 6 – 15). Wallnuts is an introductory class for young children (ages 6-8), just starting out on their climbing adventure. Kid Climbers (ages 9-11) builds on the foundational skills. Youth Competitive (12-15) explores the more formal aspects of climbing training with our maturing youth. Youth Competitive does include competitive elements, but also involves young climbers working together to better their personal performance, while learning skills that will assist their move into the world of competitive climbing, should they choose to pursue it. For upcoming sessions please visit our programming page.

Adult Courses

Adult Wallnuts is designed for newer adult climbers who have come to the sport later in life, or who would like a deeper look into the theory behind basic climbing technique. Belay certification is not required for this course, though belay technique is covered during the session. This course is a great way to jump-start your climbing ability, while introducing you to some prospective climbing partners! For upcoming sessions please visit our adult programming page.

Personal Training

If you have more specific training goals in mind, please contact us.  We are confident our experienced staff can develop a custom training session just for you!

Harness & Shoes

We have climbing shoes and harnesses to fit various ages and sizes. You can bring your own or rent ours for a $5 fee which covers a shoe and/or harness combination.  If you are a RECC member with any term, harness and shoe rentals are included with your membership.

Do I need to do anything before I can climb at the Kohltech?

The short answer is no! After completing our wavier, our auto belays allow climbers aged 4 and up to come in and climb right away, without any previous experience.  During Community Climbing hours, staff take over the operation of the ropes so that all ages can drop in and climb.

Who can climb at the Kohltech?

Any age can climb the wall, THOUGH CERTAIN AGES CAN ONLY CLIMB AT CERTAIN TIMES (see conditions of use) We have harnesses and shoes to fit as young as 2-3 years of age.
It is recommended that everyone using the climbing wall age 15 and older take the Learn to Belay (operate the ropes) climbing course. You do not need a course to "climb" the wall, but you do need a course to "belay" for the person climbing the wall.

What is the Learn to Belay course?

In order to climb on the entire climbing area, visitors have two choices: attend one of our Community Climbing sessions, where staff operate the ropes (belay) for clients; or take our Learn to Belay (formerly B4U climb) course in order to operate the ropes yourself with a partner. Climbing is a broad discipline, so there are many versions of "belaying" taught all over the world. At the Kohltech Climbing wall we utilize the Petzl Grigri belay device ONLY, and we utilize the 5 point belay style, which is a common traditional technique. We will require our clients to follow suit, regardless of level of experience, in order to ensure a consistent standard of behaviour in our gym.
Clients can attend one of our scheduled Learn to Belay courses, or schedule one through our Climbing Wall Manager. Courses take approximately 1.5 hours to complete and will require a re-test on your next visit in order to complete the certification process. This option is open to ages 15+.
Clients who have learned to belay at other gyms can challenge our exam, though this may not be available as a drop in option. Your best bet is to contact the Climbing Wall Manager in advance in order to ensure you will be able to climb in your preferred mode. Failure to demonstrate proper technique will require climbers to take the Learn to Belay course at the convenience of Kohltech staff.

Will there be staff on hand to Belay for me?

During regular hours staff are not available to belay for clients unless pre-booked.  There is the option to Hire a Belayer for 1 hour at an additional cost of $20 plus tax, however, this requires a minimum of 48 hours advance notice. We recommend this option for 4 or fewer climbers per Hire. Once you have the belay training (Learn to Belay course) you can bring your family in whenever we are open for public climbing!

Do you offer Lead Climbing?

Yes, but due to the increased risk of this form of climbing, it is not guaranteed at all times.  Business, staffing, and timing all affect the availability of lead climbing, and staff reserves the right to cancel lead climbing at any time.  In addition, only climbers previously certified to Lead climb at the Kohltech are allowed to participate.  Certification is obtained through successfully completing our Take the Lead course, or scheduling and successfully challenging our Lead exam with the Climbing Wall Manager.

Do you offer Rappelling?

Not at this time.

Is there a separate fee to use just the climbing wall during my visit?

No. If you are a member of the RECC, usage is free; but you can also drop-in to climb the wall under a day pass. Day pass users are subject to harness and shoe rental costs.

Can I drop my children off to climb while I go somewhere else?

No. An adult must be present for all children under the age of 16 at all times. If a parent isn't on hand to supervise, children will not be able to climb. *Exception: This does not apply to registered programs such as Kids Night Out and Wallnuts, where parents are free to leave for the duration of the program.

Is youth programming free at the Kohltech?

No. Our youth programming has an associated fee, reflecting the greater depth of the education and experience being offered.

How high is the wall?

Our wall is approximately 35 feet or 12m high at the highest.  We are the tallest artificial climbing structure in the Maritimes.

Do I have to climb to the top?

No!  You choose when you want to come down, at any time during the climb!  Our staff will always encourage you to greater heights, however, feel free to stop at 1m or 12m. Your choice!

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