We encourage our members to try new activities and to challenge themselves in different ways as they stay active. Our memberships are all inclusive, providing lots of opportunity to do this! With any RECC membership, punch pass, or drop-in, you will have access to our full facilities, plus all classes and programs highlighted in our seasonal Group Exercise + Drop-in Guide (with class descriptions):


Day Pass*: (all prices below include HST)
Adult $10.50
Student $8.00
Club 60 $8.00
Family $23 

Children 5 & under go in for free
Our family membership is defined as 2 adults (maximum) and any number of dependents (aged 21 or under) living in the same home.

*Unless attending a community climb or Hiring a Belayer, climbers must complete the Learn to Belay Course. All climbers must complete a waiver prior to climbing
*Students/youth under age 19 years are required to have a liability waiver signed by a parent/guardian for fitness centre, group ex classes and climbing wall. Please read our conditions of use.
*Individual Harness & Shoe rental: $5 (in addition to day pass)
*Family Harness & Shoe rental: $10 covers all members of family on family day pass (in addition to day pass)
*Swims, shower/sauna, Masters swim, and family swims are all subject to drop-in rates above

10 visit membership - Buy in bulk and save!*
Adult $84
Student $64
Club60 $64

*Please note there is a 3-month expiration from date of purchase. For any other non-annual membership prices please contact 902.893.2224.

Open Skate Adults: $4
Open Skate Students/Club 60: $3
Sticks & Pucks $4
Adult Pick up Hockey $10

Littles Drop in Free!
If you are a Big Brother or Big Sister of Colchester, Drop in to the aquatic centre or climbing wall; come for an open skate; BOTH Big and Little are FREE!

Take in a Truro Junior A Bearcats game with your Little, Big's pay full price for a game ticket and Little's are free! 


Classes change each season, please check out our online schedule for the most up-to-date information
Click here for more Spring 2024 programming

A new way of strength training using the flow of water to engage the core and receive the benefits of unstable resistance training.
- Take the stress off your joints with this low-to-no impact cardio and strength class that allows you to work at your own pace. Guaranteed to have a splashing good time!
AQUA MOVEMENTS - For those with knee/hip replacements, arthritis or other medical conditions. Designed to help balance, mobility, flexibility & strength.
AQUA ZUMBA - A blend of the Zumba philosophy with waterresistance, creating a pool party that you don’t want to miss!
HYDRORIDER - Pedal on a unique stationary bike while immersed up to your chest in water. Water shoes are mandatory. Registration is required. Ages 14+

BOOTCAMP  - A fast-moving class meant to kick your cardio system into high gear with athletic drills, muscle conditioning, and core training - All in one place!
CLIMBFIT (Rock Wall Location) - Rock yourself into shape with climbing-themed workouts. Designed with new climbers in mind, this course is mostly held close to the ground. Ages 15+
DIRTY 30 + ABS - This class is a quick-and-dirty workout that delivers a full body punch! Spend 30 minutes increasing strength and cardio fitness and then finish it off with exercises to strengthen your core and flatten that tummy. Whatever your fitness goals, this class is sure to help!
FULL BODY FIX - A fun workout designed to increase strength, mobility, stability and endurance delivering total body conditioning, core challenges and mental release that will leave you feeling great!
FUN FRIDAY - A combo class that keeps you guessing every friday with a workout that challenges cardio, strength and core using a variety of equipment. Come for the fun, leave feeling fit!
GENTLE MOVEMENT - a community based program offered to participants who have limited mobility. This program will help improve quality of life, maintain independence, and reduce risk of falls by offering exercises to improve strength, flexibilty and balance.  Chair options will be used.
PILATES is a form of low-impact exercise that focuses on strengthening muscles while improving postural alignment and flexibility. This class will help your joint to become better supported decreasing the chance of injury.
POUND - Sweat, sculpt and ROCK your body with a workout combining cardio & strength to tone your lower body, sculpt your upper body, and define your abs.
POWER IGNITE  - A 60-minute high energy, full body workout that helps build strength, endurance and power. Exercises will work specific muscles building strength and burning fat.
RECC MASTER SWIM - A drop-in swim club that provides coach guidance and training for non-competitive adult swimmers. Promotes fitness, health, fellowship, participation, leadership and fun.
SENIOR FIT - Designed for adults aged 55 and up featuring low impact cardio, strength, flexibility and balance training.
SPIN - A high-energy cardio work out on a stationary bike that burn calories, and sends your fat-burning systems into overdrive. Set to music, it will be the ride of your life!
SPIN + CORE - A class that starts out on a stationary bike and ends with core exercises. A great way to burn calories and strengthen your core!
STRENGTH - A total body workout using barbells, free weights, tubing, stability balls, and body weight. A great way to target and tone all of the major muscle groups; for all fitness levels.
STROLLER FIT - A combination class focusing on strength and core moves with cardio drills thrown in. Takes place in the Group Exercise room and is great for parents with their tots.
STRONG by ZUMBA: PUSH YOUR LIMITS! A high-intensity workout led by music to motivate you to crush your ultimate fitness goals.
TABATA TUESDAY - This class breaks a workout down into clearly defined intervals – typically, 20 seconds of a push-it-to-the-limit exercise followed by 10 seconds of rest.  It will jump your heart rate up pretty quickly!
TRX - Take your workout to the next level with this fast- moving class featuring TRX suspension straps. A great overall body workout, including athletic drills to get the heart pumping.
WALK N ROLL - Group indoor walking on our Walking Track with 4-Wheeled walkers. Designed and instructed by physiotherapists. Intended for those with mobility challenges.
WAR - Become armed & dangerous with this exhilarating total body workout that combines cardio and strength using punches and kicks.
YOGA - Help relieve stress with a class combining balance, strength, and flexibility training. Designed to be a full body experience.
YOGA [ACTIVE] - Enjoy a mix of core and balance work with gentle stretching & relaxation.
YOGA [FLOW] - Vinyasa style. Each pose flows into the next with motivating music. Will lengthen muscles & leave you feeling energized.
YOGA [GENTLE] - A class meant to help relax your mind, lengthen your muscles, and help increase overall flexibility.
YOGA - Power & Balance - A fusion class of yoga and pilates blended to give a challenging strength & core work out as well as a satisfying stretch.
ZUMBA - Ditch the workout and join the party. Dance your way into shape with this Latin- inspired class set to amazing music.
ZUMBA TONE - A class combining body-sculpting exercises and high-energy cardio work with Latin-infused Zumba moves. Hard work while having fun!

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