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Aquatics FAQ:

1. What is the difference between a Family Swim and an Open swim?
Family swim is the leisure pool only. Open swim includes lanes in the competitive pool and may include the slide.

2. Can I bring a friend with me to my registered swim?
No, only those registered for the swim may attend.

3. Do I have to register everyone in my family or group?
For all standard aquatics programming EVERY person must be registered.
If they are not, they may not be granted access. (User Groups with group bookings DO NOT have to register)

  • Children 12 and under must have an adult (16+ yrs) remain onsite within close proximity to the pool
  • Children 7 and under must have an adult (16+ yrs) within arm’s length at all times while in the pool

4. How do I cancel a swim time?
You may cancel a registered swim time in person at the RECC, by phone or by email to frontdesk@therecc.ca - 48 hours notice is required whenever possible.
This also applies to the wait list! If you dont wish to be on the list please let us know.
Remember we all share this facility, so please ensure you notify us if you are unable to attend so that others may come!

5. How long are registered swim times?
All swim times are 1 hour.

6. Is personal equipment permitted?
Yes, personal equipment is permitted to be used, however it must not be left behind as there will be no lost and found.

7. Where do I sign in for my swim?
When you enter the facility on the upper level, you then take the stairs or elevator to the Lower Level welcome desk and staff will be able to assist you.

8. Where do I enter & exit the facility?
Entrance is through our Upper Level main facility entrance (West Entrance).  Exit can be through the same doors as the entrance or through the exit door down the locker room hallway (signs will be posted).

9. When can I arrive for my swim time?
Swimmers are asked to arrive no earlier than 30 minutes prior to their swim time and must be ready on deck prior to their registered time.

10. How long do I have after my swim to leave the locker rooms?
We ask everyone to leave within 20 minutes after their swim to allow time for cleaning and disinfecting.

11.. How do I register for a swim time?
You may register online www.therecc.ca or in person with a welcome desk staff.  User Groups who have group bookings DO NOT have to register.
Due to the volume of registration we encourage everyone to use our website and register online. This will ensure lineups and wait times are kept at a minimum.

12. Can I pay for my registered swim online?
No, payment must be received in person at the Welcome Desk at this time. Members will scan their key card for access.

13. When can I register for swim times?
Registration will be accepted in two week increments and will open for registration on the Thursday at 9:00am prior to the start of the next two-week period.

14. When is lane swimming available?
Lane swimming is available every hour – however maximum numbers change depending on other programming schedules.
Each lane will be permitted 2 swimmers.

15. Will lockers be available?
Lockers will only be available for DAY USE for those using the aquatics centre only.
No rentals. No fitness centre use.
We hope to be able to offer locker access to those who use the fitness centre when covid restrictions permit.

16. Will showers be available?
Yes, showers will be available but ask people to remember to social distance.
Showers will only be available for aquatics centre only. No fitness centre use.
We hope to be able to offer shower access to those who use the fitness centre when covid restrictions permit.   

17. Are masks required?
Masks must be worn while entering and exiting the facility and while in the locker rooms. Masks are not necessary on deck for swimmers.
Spectators must wear masks at all times.

18. How long are Aqua classes?
Classes are 45 minutes except for hydro rider classes which are 40 minutes in length.

19. Are swimmers allowed to swim at their leisure after programming classes?
Yes, after all classes, participants may swim at their leisure but only in the same designated area of their class.

20. Is the Sauna available?
No, the sauna is not available at this time.

21. Is SwimAbilities being offered when the pool opens?
No, the SwimAbilities program will not be offered at this time.

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